Self Love Journal & Workbook

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A heartfelt prompt-led guide to rediscovering your own worth and loving yourself wholeheartedly.

Self-love is an easy enough concept to believe in, but surprisingly, it's something that many of us seem to struggle with.

The resistance typically comes from believing that self-love is selfish, or that we are not worthy enough. Whatever be the underlying reason - lack of self-love can be dangerous in that it makes us seek people, behaviors, and things to fill that void within us in the hopes of feeling whole again.

It's human nature that as we go through life, we keep trying to find people and places to call home. But somewhere along the way, we forget that we are our own home first.

This self-love journal and workbook is a small something to help you find your way back to yourself, to help you nurture the most important relationship that you will ever have - the one with yourself.


• Quick primer on what is self love (and also what it's not)

• An assessment of where you stand today as far as self-worth and self-love is concerned

• 31 questions & journaling prompts to help you know yourself better, cultivate a healthy sense of self, and to make room for abundant self-love in your life

• Worksheets to help you work through specific mental blocks and for positive self-talk + to jot down actionables to bring you closer to your highest self

• Inspiring quotes and reminders


... you are tired of constantly feeling down about yourself​

... you want to get out of the weird mind funk you've been stuck in​

... you want to start making peace with your past and your self​

... you want to find your way back to yourself​

... you want to reclaim your sense of self-worth​

... you are not afraid of digging deep and doing the inner work​

... you are willing to take inspired action to become your highest self​

So, go forth, and start the work on finding yourself, knowing yourself, and loving yourself unconditionally!

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You'll get a 92 page e-journal and workbook, divided into 5 sections, to help you rediscover yourself and set the foundation for abundant self-love and personal growth!

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Self Love Journal & Workbook

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